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When it comes to what type of plugins are vital to your wordpress blog’s success, many of you aren’t really clear of which are the vital ones to have. In my case there are 5 must have wordpress plugins that helps maintain the popularity and safety of my own blog.

What I like to do is share with you some important things you ought to think about when it comes to your wordpress blog. The idea of having the right tools to support these factors will enhance your blogging experience with less worries and more traction to optimize your blog to the best it can be.

If you don’t know what are the best tools for your blog, or you need more clarity to see if you have the basic tools needed, then make sure you pay attention.

Read on to see the important areas that ought to be filled that lays out a strong foundation when it comes to your blog.
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Hey Sherman,

You've consolidated a great list and many WP plugins are new for me. I'll install few of them from your list. Thanks for the awesome share!

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