10 Online Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

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It is imperative in this day and age that businesses, especially small businesses with local storefronts, have an online presence and utilize online marketing. But online marketing can be difficult because of the fierce competition and vast amount of talent any business is up against. In addition, once you are online, you are competing on a global level for the attention of customers. Here are ten great tips to help you market your small business online effectively:

Purchase a domain and open a website. This might seem obvious and simple, but it is neither. Often small businesses remain small because they do not do these two things. A domain is cheap and server space for your website is not expensive. What can be costly, however, is setting up a useful website that draws customers or, at the very least, does not chase them away. Professional web designers are your best choice for this task, unless you have an in-house web designer that knows what they are doing.

Know your target audience. Again,

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