10 Ways to Save Money on Childcare

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Most parents know the struggles of affording childcare. Regardless of income, marital status, or overall socioeconomic situation, we all have a hefty bill to pay in the childcare department. Let’s face it, paying for proper, reliable childcare is like paying rent! Here are some tips that I’ve learned as a parent to help save money on childcare. Parent-Child Exchange Hub Daycare centers or before/after school care programs aren’t your only options. Here’s a little secret that might be key to you saving a lot of money. One of your goals should be to stay in the loop with other parents. These are your people. Some parents like to group up into “hubs.” There can be hubs for everything: homeschooling field trips, homework checks, study groups. But hubs can also save you money on childcare. Parents who are friends can do favors for one another, plan play dates or assist with birthday parties. For example, if one parent works on weekends and you work on weekdays, you can trade off child watching duties. You watch their kids while they work, and they return the favor while you’re working! One group of parents covers another for date night as a trade off […]

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