2019 in Review: Modern Events Calendar Growth

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Over the year 2019, many digital marketing trends and plans have undergone drastic changes, and the world of WordPress CMS and its relevant tools were no exceptions either. Many plugins have experienced positive feedbacks and growth, while others have had a drop in popularity. One of the best event calendar wordpress plugins in 2019 was the Modern Events Calendar (MEC) that has proved to be the fastest-growing event calendar software. In this review, we will have an overall look through the features of this top-rating all-in-one WordPress event calendar software. Additionally, we inform you about the devotion of the Webnus team to improving their fastest-growing event calendar software. This creative team has brought about rapid changes to increase the plugin’s functionalities in just a year! Top 2019 Digital Marketing Insights Digital Around The World in 2019 | By Hootsuite Having a strong and influencing online presence is a must that is no secret to anyone anymore. The online world is becoming more and more significant, and people use the Internet as the primary source for their needs in almost every aspect of their life. Statistics show interesting information about the changes in the digital world in 2019, facts that we all need to know to keep ourselves up-to-date in the competitive world of online businesses. Below you can find some of the interesting insights in this regard. WordPress Statistics WordPress powered about 33% of the internet, which is estimated to reach the number of 35% in 2020. If we only consider the CMS-built websites, more than 60% of them are WordPress. Each month, 400 million people visit WordPress websites all across the globe. On average, 661 new WordPress websites are launched every day, and while many think that they are usually used for blogging, about 281 new WooCommerce sites pop up daily as well. SEO...

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