2020 Babies: A giver clears her path for abundant blessings...A true life story.

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 So I and a friend got married same month,year but a day apart. When you see a couple making attempt to make a baby, other factors could be affecting their efforts aside Infertility.A year ago,I had dream where a voice spoke to me buy things for kids,I didn't do it until 27th May, 2019, that day being international children's day. At the close of work,I stopped at the mall and got some items for a neighbor's Children... I took in that month.Fastword to February,2020, when I was delivered of my baby,at the start of the lockdown. The following month,a friend and her hubby came over to see my baby. They came with a bag of rice. I was dumbfounded and speechless,I and my hubby both expressed gratitude.I vividly remember telling them that the next visit was theirs, they both claimed it. We never stopped praying for the seed they sow.It's 9months down the line and the God of heaven has answered their secret prayers by blessing their home with a baby girl on the 26th of December and Today they celebrate their wedding anniversary as new parents.I am sharing this Testimony with the whole World to reach out to someone who is about giving up on God to stay put....look around and give your widow's might to activate your blessings,it could work for you too.God Never fails

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