4 Tips on Social Media Calendar for a Handy Reminder of Your Content

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4 Tips on Social Media Calendar for a Handy Reminder of Your Content
Uma Bhat
Thu, 01/03/2019 - 16:18

As a social media manager, you might find yourself drowning in a sea of social media channels, numerous tools to manage social media, ad campaigns and social media contests. It can be quiet overwhelming when you miss out on an important event and lost the opportunity to impress your audience on social media, since you did not have any relevant content to publish. It can also happen that many times you have published similar content back to back, like too many image posts or too many blog posts.

This can emerge as a threat to your social media marketing since your audience can easily get bored of your content as it is not able to capture their interest. It is very important that you share celebrations with your audience on important events such as the #NewYear #Thanksgiving #Superbowl and much more.

Posting consistently with a variety of relevant content for each day is a quick way to keep in touch with your audience on social media.

Social media content calendar is the solution to many social media managers who can plan the content and pull it off on social media.

What is a social media content calendar?

Social media calendar is a tool that allows social media managers to visually plan the framework of their content. It allows planning your social media content and campaigns with great ease. It is mainly a tool that helps to organize how and when your content gets shared.

A social media content calendar has the potential to lift your content strategy to a new height by reinforcing goals and messaging by enabling efficient and effective content planning and publishing.

As a social media manager you can create your own calendar or you can download templates available. There are also numerous tools that have emerged offering excellent social media calendars. 

Some of the top players are Hootsuite, buffer, coschedule, sproutsocial, Agorapulse.

Why is it important to have a social media calendar?

Social media content calendar can be extremely helpful to save your time and efforts in planning and distributing your content.

Social media posts when planned in advance can ensure availability of quality content consistently to your social media audience.

When you have a social media calendar, you already have a framework of the content that you are going to share. This helps a social media manager to plan each day with relevant content thereby leaving enough space to fill the gaps based on spontaneous reactions from the audience.

With a social media calendar, you have a strong hold on the days and time when your audience is most active, based on which you can plan the posts to receive the highest exposure.

How to create a social media calendar?

Although the sound of creating calendar seems to be simple, it can be notoriously difficult to create one if you are unaware of the way in which it can be created.

Here are 4 Steps that can come handy while you sit down to create a social media content calendar.

Define The Content Based On Your Brand
The first step is to make a list of all such content that will suit your brand (which can be casual, professional, fun, and serious, etc.)

List down content varieties such as images, videos, case studies, How-To-Do articles, demo videos, success stories, testimonials, interviews, e-books, blogs, live sessions, and much more.

Answer the questions,

Is your content matching to your brand profile?
Is your content able to gather engagement from audience by being witty or funny, thought-provoking and exclusive?
At this point you will have a list of content ideas that will suit your brand profile.

List Down Important Events
Being a social media manager, your goal is to achieve more leads and sales. Hence you need to figure out the content and events that are required to achieve your ultimate goal.

Some of your goals could be to get more followers, drive traffic to your website or to increase sales. Plan out the campaigns and schedule the content relevant to the campaigns on the social media calendar.

You need to keep in mind the various events happening around the globe, which are not part of your campaigns but yet of interest to your audience. Design content and schedule it based on the day of the event.

For example there is the FIFA happening today, but you have missed to prepare content and thereby missed the opportunity to come in front of your audience with their favorite football posts.  Many events such as Women’s day, Mother’s Day, Graduation etc. generally create spikes in social media conversation.

See how Semrush has created a calendar with global events that could be of interest to your social media marketing.

Decide the frequency and the timing of the posts
“Timing is important”, says Jakob Nielsen, the king of usability. Each social media platform has its own formula.

Twitter has its favorite time when followers are active, which means your engagement can be high if you catch your followers at this hour. Research shows that 12-3 pm EST is a good time to tweet, which reaches apex at 5 pm, which coincides with the evening commute.  3 pm EST on Wednesday is the optimum posting time for twitter.

While you decide on the content, it is also important to pin down the right time and day for the content distribution on your social media content calendar.  

HootSuite allows you to schedule your tweets on Twitter and also offers a feature called ‘auto-schedule’. Marketers can make use of this feature to send a constant stream of relevant and useful information to its audience.

Create the content calendar
This is the stage where you already have enough data regarding type of content, schedule of the content, major events and social media marketing campaigns for your brand. It is time now to fill up the calendar!

You can create your own calendar using excel sheet or tools that will help you to use prebuilt calendars. Fill out the calendar with the type of content for different days based on your target audience. Schedule the content for each day and for the specific time for each social channel to get perfect engagement.

See how Coschedule offers social media managers a social media content calendar to maintain control over everything that publish.

Social media managers can vouch for the difficulty that they face in creating content on a daily basis. Many a times, they feel stuck due to the pressure that comes with not k knowing what to create and publish for a particular day. And worst situation is when you have missed a very important event that everyone else seems to be celebrating except you.

Content managers should spend a good amount of time on creating content calendars which go a long way in organizing the content schedule. Content calendar have taken up an important place as a strategic marketing tool among most of the social media marketers.

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