6 reasons why cloud hosting is ideal for SaaS solutions

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Cloud hosting is a powerful new solution for SaaS business owners. It provides a lot of value to your business, so you can never go wrong with your investment.

If you are new to the SaaS world and are looking for a service which customizes according to your needs and also grows with you, you must opt for cloud hosting.

Cloud-based software offer flexibility, accountability, and scalability. It assists small enterprises in their day-to-day activities and ameliorates their customer service experience.

Here we present to you some solid reasons why cloud hosting is ideal for your SaaS solution:


Cloud computing is so much faster compared to a shared server. On a shared host, you are basically fighting with other account owners to get the best space on the server.

Shared hosting providers also cram up many people on a single server, resulting in slower speeds for all of the account holders.

With cloud hosting, your site will run faster and you will get dedicated service which is efficient and swift.

Free trials

“The success of digital business transformation strategies is dependent on a much more comprehensive approach to quality than just answering the question ‘does it work’? Gartner

Cloud vendors offer you free trials before you make the final decision. The try-before-you-buy fact is a huge deal-maker for these vendors. The companies, which are introduced to this feature, can try it and see if the model works for them. Also, your company must try the service first to understand its dynamics and the extent to which it is required for SaaS support.

Be it any industry, automation testing, CRM pipeline management or even ecommerce, cloud hosting services have got your back. You don’t have to pay a large cost up front and regret it later. You can find out the value in this solution for your business before you pay for it.


The key benefit of acquiring cloud services has to be cost savings. Perhaps, this is the reason behind the swift adoption of cloud in the market.

For a SaaS startup owner, it can be a blessing in disguise. Cloud vendors take pride in the fact that they provide quality service in a budget.

You pay for what you use on a monthly or yearly basis. The business will also save up on investment in an in-house data center and salaries of employees who take care of it. You can just outsource this solution to a trusted cloud vendor who will take care of everything.

SaaS businesses can also save up on a lot of costs because of this pay-as-you-go model. You can pay according to;

  • The amount of time you use the services for (IaaS)

  • The features you use, like storage and capacity (SaaS)

  • The memory your business consumes on the cloud per hour (PaaS)

In all the ways mentioned above, you only pay for what you use. Cloud vendors sell the services for a very good cost, yet they earn high profits because of the huge economies of scale.

Swift backup

The SaaS sector needs to operate on a model that allows work to happen securely without the danger of getting lost. In this case, data backup and recovery should be swift. SaaS businesses can enjoy unlimited advantages from the robust nature of cloud services.

You will have both backup and disaster recovery plans with the cloud. The data centers of these cloud vendors are in safe locations, away from imminent danger. The people working in these data centers are also experts in their field. The most important requirement in this case is a good internet connection. With internet and access to your cloud account, business can be run from anywhere and collaboration is easy too.


“The only truly secure system is one that is powered off, cast in a block of concrete and sealed in a lead-lined room with armed guards.” – Gene Spafford

Since that can’t happen, business owners look for secure solutions for saving their data. Cloud vendors make sure that they safeguard your data by any means once you sign a contract with them. These vendors employ the best of minds to work on the cloud platforms.

Your SaaS business data has more chances of surviving a data breach or security incident under the security of a cloud service, especially if you are a small business. It’s a myth that data security is one of the shortcomings of cloud service. In fact, cloud services are more secure for data compared to on-premise storage.

For example, your hard drive which is secured in a locked room in the underground storage of the company, is more vulnerable than the same data being secured by a cloud vendor. This drive can be destroyed during a natural disaster or can even be stolen.

Keeping data in the cloud ensures that the data is secure from thieves/ hackers. When the data is connected to the cloud, arrangements can be made to swiftly cut off connections from the stolen device and secure pathways of access.

Every country has its own set of standards which a cloud vendor must follow in order to be eligible for service. Check this with your cloud provider before signing a contract.


Cloud services can integrate effectively with every service on your system. Every organization has a different model when it comes to using suppliers or platforms.

SaaS companies look for the best model in each of their functions and end up with data arriving from multiple sources in multiple formats.

There isn’t much relevance in reports arriving from different suppliers. Cloud services provide complete compatibility options for these platforms. They can integrate effortlessly so you can focus on growing your business.


Last word

For SaaS businesses that value flexibility, increased collaboration, cost-effectiveness and scalability, cloud hosting is an ideal solution. It is an innovative technology which is evolving along with the needs of its customers in the B2B world.

The Internet of Things is just the next chapter, powered by cloud services, which can make it easier to introduce new ideas into the world, backed by a secure hosting solution and strong backup.

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