7 Tips For Busy Social Media Managers To Increase Productivity

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7 Tips For Busy Social Media Managers To Increase Productivity
Uma Bhat
Tue, 08/28/2018 - 15:22

A social media manager can be overwhelmed with the sheer amount of multitasking that is required in social media marketing. A social media manager can be imagined as a person with multiple roles that includes content creation, time management, design visual content, post content, engage with audience, planning social media campaigns and so on.

With social media becoming an important marketing strategy, the role of a social media manager is growing multiple folds thereby adding many more roles. The best of social media marketers are great multi-taskers, but even they need assistance to improve their productivity while completing their highly demanding social media tasks.

Here are 7 Tips For Busy Social Media Managers To Increase Productivity:

1. Send Perfect Emails With Minimum Effort

Email marketing has come a long way, and if done properly, email marketing has a potential to save tons of time thereby increasing the productivity of social media managers.

About 49% of businesses use some form of email automation. (Emailmonday, 2018)

Email marketing is all about developing better relationships with potential customers by using emails as a medium to reach out to them. Email marketing involves two basic things:

    >Find potential customers

    >Find the right medium to send emails

Finding the right customers who are in look out for products that are produced by your company is very crucial for the success of your business. When you focus on people who have interest in your product or service, there exists a mutual benefit.

Social media is a wonderful method by which you can learn about your target audience. With tools such as Cloohawk you can engage and interact with your potential audience based on their interests.

Cloohawk being a smart listener gives you a whole list of conversations that are relevant to your business. Cloohawk identifies your target audience and suggests tasks to engage them. It gives a list of tweets that can be retweeted or liked.

Ninjaoutreach is a tool that allows you to manually import the list of target audience that you have generated.  Ninjaoutreach also offers templates to ensure that every message is personalized with the name, designation, location and much more.

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2. Implement Time Saving Techniques

Social media manager is usually time starved with multiple tasks to perform while managing all social media activities.

Social media managers need to work on multiple social media networks, achieve many targets, and engage continuously with social media audience. But all this and so little time to execute!

The only way to increase productivity for social media managers is to start using the time saving social media management tools.

Social media management tools have become a time saving tools for social media managers. These tools are used to carry out varied tasks such as create content, share content, schedule content, engage with audience, and much more. The trick is to find the right tools that will help you to cut some work and save time.

Socialert is a social media management tool that comes as a rescue when you are struggling with time on social media management. This tool makes the social media listening effortless. Socialert allows you to track hashtags and keywords that relate to your brand. With the help of these hashtags you can simply listen to the conversations relating to your brand and your industry.

This tool will also save a lot of your analysis time by providing useful analytics. The analytics filters out the results based on important factors such as interests, location, time, audience sentiment, and much more. You can further analyze the reports by exporting it in a CSV format.

3. Stay On Top Of Trending News

A social media manager needs to stay on top of the news so that he exactly knows what type of content to generate and share with his audience to capture the maximum attention.  

But constantly trying to churn out fresh ideas to convert it into quality content for your readers and capture their attention is a big feat by itself.

One way to solve this problem is to turn towards the trending news on the social media.

Trending topics straight away give you the indication that most of your customers like this topic and thereby it is trending.

A social media manager should identify the trending topics relating to his niche and immediately capitalize on this topic.

Imagine, with millions of topics being discussed and shared on social media, it can be next to impossible task to manually search the topics that are trending on social media. When manual efforts are not sufficient, innovative tools can offer you a competitive edge.

Cloohawk is an intelligent social media assistant tool that gives you a list of trending stories for the day based on the areas of interest of your customer, and the most popular trending topics in the industry.

4. Streamline Content Creation And Curation

Creating compelling content that will get someone to stop and engage with you on your social media page is the key to content creation.

Social media marketers cannot stress enough on having informative and engaging content that can attract and retain social media audience. This drives social media managers to constantly look out for quality content.

It is important for a social media manager to create original quality content, but this alone is not sufficient to meet your social media marketing goals. Hence content curation is also as important as content creation. Curation involves browsing through a large amount of content, to find and filter out the content that is of interest to your audience.

When you have to do it regularly and consistently on a sustainable scale the use of a content creation and curation tools becomes greater.

Feedly is a content creation and curation tool with features to organize and streamline content. The content is sourced from various RSS feeds, blogs and online sources.

Feedly allows you to view articles on daily basis and you can also bookmark them if you want to read it later. With Feedly you can add filters to make your search more specific.

5. Eliminate Repetitive Tasks By Employing Social Media Management Tools

When you have decided to go for social media marketing, then the most important part for a brand is being social and being visible to your audience.

Social media platforms operate in real time and are highly desirable since it is a platform where highest sharing happens. This poses opportunity as well as a challenge to marketers who constantly look to connect with customers.

You audience expects you to create content, share useful and informative content round the clock and engage with them, which makes it important for a marketer to repeat the above tasks often and consistently.

But just imagine if you have to chat with your audience, share informative content, solve their queries real time and participate in forums, all this would need dedicated time and continuous efforts from social media managers.  These tasks will take away almost all of your time and will leave you with piled up tasks in other marketing activities.

The introduction of the social media management tools has come as a boon to all social media marketers. These tools will help to increase productivity of social media managers.

Hootsuite is a tool that can save numerous hours that you might be spending on repetitive tasks such as content calendar and retweeting posts.

Hootsuite can manage multiple social media profiles all in one place. It can be used by social media managers to track and monitor your audience activities.

Any conversations relating to your brand can be easily identified by Hootsuite. Your job can be easened up by Hootsuite which manages your brand mentions, likes to your posts, replies to your comments and much of the social media engagement. With Hootsuite you can schedule posts in advance, track your followers and monitor statistics.

6. Quickly Find the Right Images to Share

When the social media is highly crowded, what stands out is an image that can talk more than text.

Image with Tweets or text generate 5 times more engagement than text.

Sharing images that are of worth to your audience will definitely skyrocket your social media engagement. Visual content tends to catch the eye of a reader who is quickly scrolling down the social media feed.

Images not just help to convey important messages, but are a great way to capture the attention of the readers, thereby increasing engagement with audience.

Remember to add images that show people, as people tend to connect better with fellow human beings.

But finding the right images for different content and that which suits your social media can be quite a tiring task which takes away huge amount of hours from your daily job.  Hence resorting to some of the creative online tools to create and share your images will help you to boost your productivity.

Stencil is an image creator tool and can be used for any social media including Twitter. This is predominantly used by marketers and bloggers since the templates within Stencil lean towards their uses.

It’s quite an easy tool which allows you to choose a background relevant to your post and add your text easily to the background. It is easy to share as well.

7. Give Way For Social Media Influencers

Customers are more likely to buy when they get recommendations from a person they trust.

It is true that 49% of consumers seek guidance from social media influencers before making a buying decision.

Social media marketers realize that ads are not the best way to market products. The rise of ad blocks is giving way for influencer marketing.  Hence they are replacing celebrities with YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat influencers. These online stars are providing unfiltered feedback on products, and consumers love it.

Social media managers are constantly in look out for influencers. You need time and effort to research influencers in your domain so that you can engage with them for your product promotion activities.

But finding influencers can be a task by itself. This is the first step towards your influencer campaign and needs to be perfect. There are quite a few impressive tools that will help you in researching influencers in your niche.

Traackr is a social media management tool that offers solution for those markets who are interested in reaching out to influencers with an aim to build strong relationships. It is an efficient tool to manage your global influencer network.

Traackr helps to track conversations and also validates real influencers. It saves a lot of time of the marketers by identifying the right influencers as per the profiles that a marketer is looking for.


Social media is no doubt an important aspect of marketing strategy for every business. But this comes at the cost of never ending hours spent by social media managers towards engaging audience on social media, creating content and scheduling content. It’s important for brands to find methods that will increase productivity while using social media for marketing. Make these 7 tips as your starting point towards being more productive in social media management.

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