a germ life of bacteria

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Germs live almost everywhere and can live in places where no other life can.Many bacteria live in air and water and soil.There are always bacteria in the skin digestive system of humans and other animals.Curiosity germs need oxygen to live.  Anaerobic germs can live without oxygen.Some kinds cannot live with even a little oxygen.  Germs are in nutrients, oxygen or water A lack of heavy new cell membranes in the cell membrane to keep the body.Newly made sandpaper around the membrane is dead and remaining bacteria are not working.  Germs can survive for more than decades because they can withstand very high or low temperatures. If nutrients, oxygen, or water are available again, spores turn into active bacteria.It travels far away by the flow of air and water.Many items such as clothes and utensils carry germs, too.Many species of bacteria can swim as a single mother, and bacteria without a single mother can wriggle.  Mostly dependent nutrition bacteria feed on other organisms.There is also an independent nutrient bacterium that synthesizes nutrients by themselves.  Photosynthetic bacterium is carbon dioxide, sunlight make food for themselves using the water.Certain bacteria cause autotrophic bacteria also to be.Dependent nutrition bacteria mostly feed on dead organisms.Most of the parasitic bacteria are harmless, but causes the disease.

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