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A person's hand consists of a wristbone, a handbone, and a finger bone.There are 27 bones in the hand.  The wrist consists of eight bones.The five long palm bones that make up the palm connect the wrist with the finger.The thumb is made up of two finger bones.The other four fingers are made up of three thin finger bones.Thirty-five strong muscles move their hands.  Of these, 15 muscles are in the lower arm.This is because these muscles are well arranged.These muscles stretch close to the wrist, extending along the fingers and back of the hand to the knuckles.  When the muscles in the bottom of the lower arm retract, the fingers gather and the muscles in the back of the lower arm retract, the fingers spread.The 20 muscles in the hand are arranged for many precise exercises.The function and structure of the front feet vary from animal to animal.A mole's short, thick forefoot is used to sell oysters.The bat's front feet are wings with thin skin spread between its toes.The front foot of a bird is also the wing, and the toe and toe bones support the wing.How do you use this even with same animal bones with different ideographs.Just as humans and animals are wrong, animals use their hands differently.     

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