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Who is a small animal with soft fur, a round, black eyes, and a round ears?So, let's start talking about mice.The mouse has lived in a human house since one day.It spread across Europe from Asia and today lives in Central Africa and the rest of the world  For thousands of years, we've seen it in the arable area.Today, they also live in underground railway networks.Mice live in buildings, day and night, and they move about everywhere.Mice often ride well through the walls of their houses.Because the mouse has bad eyes, it enters the room without knowing people.The mouse tears the box for food in the house and shoots books, clothes, and furniture at random.  A mouse can eat almost anything that a human can eat.They even eat glue, glue, and soap.Mice that live in the fields also eat leaves, roots, seeds, and plants.Mice always look for food, but they don't need to eat much.Mice live wherever they can eat and hide.Therefore, a warm, quiet, and dark place makes a mouse's home.The female mouse gives birth every 20 to 30 days.The gestation period is 18 to 21.  give birth to four to seven babies in one boat.The newborn has pink skin, and he has no hair and can't open his eyes.A newborn mouse cannot live on its own.After about 10 days, the fluffy hair will cover your body and open your eyes on the 14th.The baby stays in the nest for three weeks after he is born.And then they leave to build their own nest and family.Females can usually give birth in 45 days.  The most feared thing about mice is man.People place mouse traps and rat pills in places that are frequented by mice.All carnivores are enemies of mice.A mouse can live in a basement or attic for about a year.It's hard for a mouse to live outside the house to last more than two or three months.Mice don't like water, so they can swim..

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