Ahmad Tea's Fruit Selection Review (Fruit Infused Black Tea)

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Black tea will always have a special place in my heart. It was the first tea I ever had and I always drink it once a day. I was really excited last week when I got a package from Ahmad Tea with a selection of fruit infused black tea.Anyone who frequents my tea reviews knows that I'm a sucker for packaging. I love when companies take time to really think about the consumer and how the box of tea and the packaging of the wrapper need to look in order to appeal to the consumer. The packaging does effect our buying habits even if we don't realize it. Anyways, I love the box the tea came in. Here it is. It's a beauty!Maybe it's because I'm a fan of minimalism, but I love how it's very concise. Here's our brand name, here's what you'll get inside. Of course there's directions on the box and ingredients, etc on the back, but I love how the front of the box is so simple. Anyways, this is a tea review site, not a packaging review site-so let's get to the good part!As you can see, there are four varieties of flavored tea. My favorites are Strawberry Sensation and Apple Refresh, mainly because those are my favorite fruits. Ollie loves the Peach and Passionfruit because he loves anything peach related. We have yet to try the Lemon and Lime Twist, but I imagine it's good; a lot of folks put lemon in their black tea. The first time I tried this tea I was seriously intrigued by the apple because I'd never had any kind of apple tea. It was so good and I thought the strawberry wouldn't be able to compare, but I was wrong. Here's a photo of my Strawberry Sensation (it's a little bit edited to try and fix the lighting in my house) and then we'll get down to the review.Check out that beautiful amber coloring. I added 2 sugars the first time and it was too sweet, so I suggest try it without any and if you want it sweeter than add a sugar or two, depending on how sweet you like your tea. I've had this tea with or without milk, honestly it doesn't *need* it, but if you want to add milk it won't take from the flavor. I give this tea 5/5 because there's nothing I can find wrong with the tea. It's delightful and I find myself craving it throughout the day. I've been using this tea as an alternative to eating sweets. I'll have a craving for sweets and then supplement this tea instead, it's amazing. Another good thing about this tea? It's super affordable at just under £2. Go to Ahmad Tea's website to check it out! Here's a bonus picture of the inside of the boxHappy sipping!Leah

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