Are You a Millennial and Want to Work From Anywhere in the World? Here Are 5 Ways to Make That Happen

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Live that laptop lifestyle.

We are in a day and age where younger and younger members of the workforce (Millennials and soon Generation Z) are questioning why, on earth, they would accept a job that forces them to sit in an office for 40+ hours per week.

There are some jobs where this is essential, it's just part of the gig. Maybe it's even what you want--and that's perfectly fine. But there is a growing number of talented young people who absolutely do not want that, and they struggle to figure out how to find a different option.

Nicolas Cole (the author, as someone who recently took the leap) wants to pass along some resources and knowledge that will help you make tangible moves toward the lifestyle you would rather be living: working from your laptop, anytime, anywhere.

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