Blog Engage Owner Bans 3rd Most Active Member

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You can't make this stuff up. The owner of a social voting site for bloggers banned his third most active user.
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Hi Clickfire,

It is really bad to see that, Blogengage is deleting the accounts of most active users.

PS. I think now you have a good BE alternative - Blokube ;) lol !!
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Hey Devesh,

I appreciate the empathy. It's been a rough week or so. Glad to have a new hangout and something tells me you will have a lot of new friends :)
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Have to say I understand and sympathise with the intentions behind this, although I'm not sure it was the best action to address the concerns at Blog Engage.
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The intentions don't match up with the results IMHO. The best action is to be respectful of users and to keep the communication open.
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[i] The best action is to be respectful of users and to keep the communication open. [/i]

That's what I am doing here at Blokube :)
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Oh my goodness! I had no idea this was happening. I better go and check to see if my account is still active.


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It is heartening to hear Devesh express such a community minded attitude. Active members of a site like this are all trying to be good community members, balancing that with a measure of promotion and squeezed by a work overload. If ever I was lapsing into an approach that Devesh (or the owner of any site like this) felt was inappropriate, I would certainly prefer to to be quietly spoken with so that I could change. Why ban an active user, when you could instead provide direction? (There is probably a great blog post seed in this story for some management guru.)
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That is too bad, BE is now only for those who are able to pay, not for everyone and it will not grow up and last for long. Digg is still free and Blokube should follow that way. We can not charge everyone by any ways possible. We have many options to serve the whole community. Thanks

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