Blog Traffic | 11 Top Ways To Make Your Blog Visitors Happy

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How do you feel when you visit blogs which are not user-friendly and make your stay very uncomfortable? If you are like me, you probably hit the back button in a heart beat and never go back! Now, let's flip that -- is your blog user-friendly? Do your readers enjoy their stay and keep coming back?
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Awesome post mavis. I love all the tips but i don't think using post excerpts is an good idea. It will much better if you use the default read more option in wordPress. It works much better then using blog posts excerpt.

I would like to add some more tips to increase your blog speed..

-Optimize your blog image - you can use smushit or lazyload effect.

-Don't use extra widgets and banners

-Another great way is to use a good cdn

Thanks for sharing ;) .

Keep up the awesome work mavis.
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Hi Dev,

Thanks for clarifying that :)

I’ll be sharing some tips on how to increase your blog speed.

Thanks for your input.

All the best,

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That's awesome to hear mavis

Looking forward to reading that post.. ;)!

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