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Following my recent announcement about finishing the blogging challenge two weeks early, a lot of my readers were interested to know whether I'd still be writing five days a week or not. So, here is the new blogging schedule.
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Hi Mavis,

thanks for sharing your new blogging schedule and congrats to your success in the challenge ! Nothing short of amazing.

I will finish the blogging challenge just in time on April 15th with my 70th post.

I published posts on a daily basis nearly for the entire challenge and reduced to 4 posts a week just recently. Form this week on, I'll go back to 3 posts a week which is my proven blogging frequency that gets more than enough of everything I need and want - without the stress that comes up when posting more often.

Take care

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ou're welcome, Oliver. Thank you so much for the congratulations!

Glad to hear that you have gone back to the posting frequency that you're comfortable with and that brings you the desired results. As I said, there is no need to put oneself under a lot of pressure. You have to love and enjoy what you're doing and have time for other things.

I appreciate your continued support, Oliver.

All the best,


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