Coconut Oolong by David's Tea

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Coconut OolongOolongRating: 4/5Order online here at the David's Tea websiteMy cousin Emily sent me 4 different kinds of David's Tea and I've decided to review this one first. I was mostly intrigued by the looks of the tea. Very green, with flecks of coconut inside and it came in a little tin the size of a lip balm container. Here, I took a photo for you:Isn't the little mini tin cute? I also picked this tea because as it turns out, I've never reviewed an oolong. However, that's mainly because I've never had oolong tea. I'm mostly a black or fruit tea kind of gal, but that doesn't ever keep me from trying new things. Oh, and this is the first review where I use my new tea infusing mug that my partner recently got me. Thank you, Ollie. Anyways, I got down to business and took a scoop of this coconut tea and got a close up for you. I put more than what I scooped into the mug, but I didn't want the leaves to be overflowing for the photo. Here's the close up:So those yellow looking bits are flakes of coconut. The lighting in my kitchen makes the coconut have a yellow tint, but really the little flakes are a light green. Also, please ignore my adorable koala bear slippers. But while you're noticing them, aren't they cute? What I love about this tea is that the leaves are giant and therefore I won't have to deal with little floaters in my tea that have escaped the infuser/filter. Speaking of, how about I show you what the tea looks like after I've poured boiling water over it?Now you can tell that the flakes of the coconut are green and not yellow. See the tea leaves? They're big and almost salad like. Lovely. You'll want to let this steep for 4-7 minutes. I did mine for 5 minutes.  For those of you that are black tea drinkers, don't be alarmed by the light coloring of the tea when it's been 5 minutes and the tea hasn't changed much in coloring. This tea, when steeped, is a beautiful light yellow color.If you don't like the astringency of black teas, then you might try an oolong. It's very light and crisp, a very smooth drink. There is still caffeine in oolong teas, however not nearly as much as black tea. If you're interested in drinking oolong, but you stick to herbal teas because they don't have caffeine, have no fear. I have a solution. If you brew the tea once, dispose of the water and reuse the leaves, then you get rid of most of the caffeine. The reason I bring this up is because the taste of this oolong reminds me of the taste of herbal teas, non-offensive and light. Also, there are hints of lemongrass in the taste of this tea because there are also flakes of lemongrass in it. I've just done a little a research because I tasted a hint of citrus.Anyways, why did I give this tea 4/5 stars? I did so because it tastes wonderful, I love coconuts and they are prominent in the taste of this tea. If you don't like coconuts then there's not a reason you should really give this tea a try, but if you do-you'll go nuts for it. Ha, get it?I would explain the taste of this oolong as a fresh and mild with a sweet finish. It's just good. It loses a star because of one reason. I think it smells funny before you brew it. I'm not entirely sure how to describe the smell of the tea before it's brewed, but it just smelled strange. Now my entire kitchen smells of funky tea. Other than that, not much to complain about. I will drink this tea again for sure.Leah

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