Discover 7 Ways To Use Psychology In Your Social Media Marketing

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Discover 7 Ways To Use Psychology In Your Social Media Marketing
Uma Bhat
Fri, 08/17/2018 - 17:07

Companies are making social media marketing as one of their most important marketing vehicles. But it is important to understand the psychology of the audience to tap into the social media.  Because when you understand the most important aspect of your business, that is your customers, only then will you be able to serve them the best.

Insights into social media audience psychology will make you a more effective social marketer. Imagine if you can understand what your audience thinks and feels while on social media?

Here are 7 Ways To Use Psychology In Your Social Media Marketing to dive into your consumers’ social media minds and discover the reasons why people read and share your content.

1. Gifts help customers remember your brand

According to a study by BPMA,

“84% of consumers agree that a branded promotional gift increased brand awareness, with 66% saying they could remember the brand printed to a product from a previous year”

When you offer something valuable like a discount, free trial, or coupon, it has the potential to drive high engagement. Gifts inspire loyalty. The positivity associated in receiving a gift can be very powerful.

Gifting is a way of making friendly gesture by offering something valuable and useful for your consumers and to remind them that you value the business relationship that you share with them.

Gifts can help you to reinforce your brand, stay in touch with your consumers and sets you apart from competition.

2. Emotions makes people share online

While all know that emotions have a great effect on motivation, it has a direct impact on the way the content will be shared by people online.

Research has shown that positive and happy content is highly preferred over the sad and negative theme content.  Happy content has high tendency to be shared more than the sad content. Social media campaigns should revolve around happiness to motivate people and also to condition your audience to share more on social media.

According to Fractl there are 10 emotions relating to happiness that will encourage people to share more in their social circles.
When you evoke happiness in your readers and audience mind, it’s an opportunity to share their transformation experience with others.  

3. The Trust Hormone

Trust is a key element in social media marketing, it can be a highly influencing factor in conversions and generating leads. Start your journey of building trust by associating your brand with people or brands who have already established target audience. Start building relationships with influencers and industry leaders who can help you to give you brand credibility.

A product that delights a customer is the first step in building social proof organically. Happy customers tend to go about praising it with likes, shares, reviews and comments on social media. It can turn out to be a powerful influence, more so if it comes from people whom we trust.

Social media marketers are making social space more transparent by sharing reviews, comments, likes, tweets and pins of their happy customers to generate brand trust and drive huge sales.

4. Right Colors can signal action

You will be shocked to learn that color plays a major role in decision making.

According to a study on the Impact of Color on Marketing,

“People make up their minds within 90 seconds of their initial interactions with either people or products. About 62 to 90 percent of the assessment is based on colors alone.”

When you use colors in your content and images, you should contribute not just to differentiate your products from competitors, but also to positively influence the behavior of your audience.

Accoring to KissMetrics infographic, each color makes us feel differently:

Yellow: Depicts optimism and youth

Red: Shows a sense of urgency

Blue: Builds trust and security

Green: Portrays wealth and relaxation

Orange: Shows aggressiveness

Pink: Spreads romance

Black: Shows power

Purple: brings calmness

It is very important that you choose color based on your brand’s colors so that it compliments your brand personality.

5. Sharing for self-fulfillment and relationship building

Social media runs on the behavior of people that drives them to share more. People share content with an intention to put forth their opinion, support a belief, show their identity on social media, spread information about something that they strongly like and to gather comments about a particular topic.

Social media marketing should make use of the psychology of people that motivates people to share information on social media.
When you are taking about social media marketing, sharing content is the name of the game. The main reasons that you should be sharing on social media is to deliver valuable and informative content to your audience, to build and nourish relationships with audience and of course to market your brand.

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6. People love when the focus is on them

Who doesn’t like the attention and care showered on them? Especially when it comes to customers, they expect that you meet their expectations and go beyond by delighting them.

As per an Econsultancy report, being customer centric came out as the most important characteristic to build a digital-native culture in an organization.

Focus on offering great customer service through different stages such as the awareness stage, purchasing stage as well as the post purchase stage.
Just understand that your customer is a human being who is looking forward to be treated as a King. When you understand this psychology, you can create pleasant and exciting experience for your customers which can in turn increase sales.

7. More The Familiarity, More The Customers Will Like You

Of course out of sight is out of mind, isn’t it?

One of the most important customer service psychologies that you have to remember is to remain active and visible on social media platforms so that your customers can interact and engage with you.

Familiarity principle is the tendency of human beings to develop a preference for things that they see more often. This principle can be used in marketing by way of more exposure. In short, the most well-known brand wins.

It is true that customers choose the most familiar brand, even when they are not fully aware of the product and even if the brand is inferior to another brand that is less known.
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So we all agree that social media success comes from understanding your audience and what goes on in their mind when they see your brand and posts on social media.

Understand what your audience likes, what makes them share online, what actions can trigger their emotions, and so on. There are numerous ways of incorporating consumer psychology into your social media marketing. Start with one or two and go on to implement more of these 7 Ways To Use Psychology In Your Social Media Marketing.

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