Do you know about color blindness?

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It's a condition where you've read off the ability to distinguish colors.Color discrimination occurs in special visual cells called cone cells in the retina of the eye.  A person who distinguishes color from color has three cone cells.Each cone cell feels a different color.People who are color-blind have no more than one of these new cone cells.Most patients with color blindness are color blindness, which can only be seen in yellow and blue.   People who are color blind confuse red with green and red with certain colors in yellow. There are very few people who cannot screen all colors, and people who are color blind can only distinguish between white, gray, and black lights like black and white pictures.There are more color blindness in men than in women.One in 200 women is color blind, while eight out of every 100 men are color blind.There is no cure for color blindness yet. Most color blind people don't realize they have vision problems.It can be disrupted and endangered in everyday life.People who confuse red with green have no choice but to distinguish by the erection or order of light of a traffic light.  You may not be able to join the army and have difficulty working as a pilot, costume designer, and other professional jobs.It is easy to examine whether you are color blind or not.Determine the type and degree of color blindness by several inspection methodsAs a simple color blind checklist, you can arrange points with a certain degree of intensity and hue into numbers or letters, and there are many points with different colors and different colors. When a man who is color blind marries a woman who has no color blindness in her family, a child born between two people has a normal sense of color.But the daughter has a gene that causes color blindness.I can pass the gene on to my offspring.  When a father marries a woman who is color-blind, the chance of a son born between them being color blind is 50%.

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