Do you know anything about civet cats?

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It is a hairy mammal that looks like a long, slender cat at a glance.But compared to cats, the tip of the nose is sharper and the ring is thicker.The bridge is short. It is distributed in Africa from India to Indonesia.Civet cats come in many colors and sizes.  The fur is black, brown, gray, and tan.Many species in Asia, such as Tiger Sibed and African musk cats, have dark spots on their bodies.  The tail is lined with bright and dark hair.Some species, such as white-nosed civet cats and small civet cats in Asia, have only monochrome or faint facial spots without patterns.Civet cats vary in length from 33cm to 97cm.A civet cat has a muscular tail and a very long tail, so there are some species that are worth the rest of its body. The tail also supports the body when it grabs a branch or climbs a tree.Civet cats make a residential pass and live in that area.Most civet cats are good at climbing trees and spend most of their time on trees.Some sleep between tree holes or tangled branches.Only a few species live on land or in burrows.  Civet cats are usually active at night.Except for mothers and babies, they live alone and eat reptiles such as birds, amphibians, and insects.  They also eat plants and animals' eggs.

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