Do you know what a coral reef is?

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Millions of them are small animals that make limestone structures and live in the sea.A structure looks like a tree with branches or a small irregularly shaped shell, sometimes like a pipe on a small pipe organ.    Living coral animals produce beautiful colors such as tan, orange, yellow, purple and green.When this animal dies, only a calcareous skeleton, called a coral reef, remains, creating a mountain ridge and valley in the ocean.Between these corals, many animals such as fish and marmills live in the sea.Sometimes this coral rises above the sea and forms a coral island.Waves break coral to help form coral islands.Sea water breaks the value of coral and piles up broken pieces.And the algae that form the limestone bond together to make it hard.Soil builds up on this coral island and plants begin to grow.Many islands in the Pacific Ocean were formed through this process.Most coral lives in warm seas, but gemstone lakes live in cold water.Another coral grows in the northern waters of the Arctic Circle.

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