East Asian countries are similar to each other.

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East Asia is the eastern part of the Asian continent.In East Asia, there are countries such as Korea, China, Japan, Mongolia, Vietnam, and Thailand  These countries are collectively called East Asia.The climate is similar in this area, and the food people eat and the way they live has a common characteristic not seen in other areas.First, East Asian countries usually eat rice.  East Asia all had four distinct seasons and it was good to grow rice because of the heavy rain in the summer.So people in this area grew rice from day one and took rice as their main food source.To eat, you need a bowl of rice and you need a spoon or a pack of milk.Maybe that is why East Asian countries use similar dishes when they eat.Second bazaar was dressed with a jeogori waistband hat.The people of Goguryeo, Baekje, and Silla are wearing long tops and pants or skirts below.   He wore a strap on his waist and a hat, but sometimes he wore a scroll.'The scrolls are almost identical to the outer garments worn by nomads when the weather was cold.  Chinese people wore jeogori and pants separately, but kings and officials wore long trunks with top clothes downwards.These Chinese clothes came into Korea and were used as clothes by officials of the Unified Silla and Balhae provinces   I used Chinese characters from the third day.It was around 100 B.C. that Chinese characters made from China, which developed civilization, first   From this long time ago, Chinese characters were not only used in Korea but also in other countries in East Asia to express people's thoughts.Even now, 70 percent of Korean words are mixed with Chinese characters.Vietnam also used Tsinom, which changed Chinese characters to match Vietnamese words.  It is said that Chinese characters are used a lot in everyday life even now when the letters are changed to Roman characters.   Kanado, the Japanese alphabet, was made by simply changing the Chinese characters to Japanese style.

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