Email Marketing - Are You Still Paying for the Dead Weight on Your List?

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Email marketing is a powerful strategy for list building. You definitely need an auto responder to do this. As it usually comes with a monthly fee, could you too be paying for the dead weight?
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Hi Mavis,

I clear my list out regularly but then I am a "clean out" minimalist fanatic at the best of times. I don't keep clothes, books or anything that I don't actually use so I guess extending this to my list is just a part of who I am. and it came very naturally.

More than anything it's about being real and honest with yourself. Why delude yourself into thinking you have 10 000 active subscribers when in fact you only have 5000? When you are honest with yourself you open your own personal energy lines for more good to flow to you.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


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