establish diplomatic relations between the three countries

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During the Three Kingdoms Period, diplomatic relations were established by sending envoys first to interact with neighboring countries.The envoy is similar to the current diplomat.No one could be an envoy because he had to meet the king of the neighboring country on behalf of the king.  The king picked someone he could trust and assigned them to do important work.The reason why the three countries sent envoys to establish diplomatic relations with other countries was different then.  In the Three Kingdoms Period, the process of establishing diplomatic relations between countries was unique.In particular, when we established diplomatic relations with China, we went through the stage of paying tribute at the foot of a book.  The bookbar was first born in China, and it was made by inserting a certificate of confirmation that diplomatic relations were established when diplomatic relations were established.I exchanged goods with the country where I received the money, and this is the tribute.In order to establish diplomatic relations with China, we had to establish diplomatic relations with each other.  Goguryeo, Baekje, and Silla were no exception.When we established a Zen relationship, we did not interfere in the politics and diplomacy of the other country Especially, during the heyday of the three kingdoms, Goguryeo extended to Manchuria in China and was afraid that neighboring countries would confront GoguryeoThe good thing about this diplomatic relationship was that I could trade with that country.  In the Three Kingdoms Period, gifts and gifts exchanged between envoys and visitors replaced trade between the countries.Goods exchanged were valuable because they were a specialty of the country.After establishing diplomatic relations with the Chinese Northern Wei, Goguryeo sent its favorite words and received paper and silk from the Northern Wei DynastyCountries with diplomatic relations could have invited people with new skills.The people of the Three Kingdoms actively tried to establish diplomatic relations with China.   

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