facts about shrimps that are also used as food.

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The shrimp is made up of two parts: the head chest and the stomach.
The head of the head is hot with one unjointed crust.
The stomach has joints so you can bend over.
Most shrimp have 19 pairs of leg antennae.
There are two sets of antennae on the chest, two pairs of antennae for the location of the food, and an accessory pair for the chin, and five pairs of walking legs.
There are five pairs of fin-shaped swim legs used for swimming and procreating.
Also, a pair of appendages make up the tail of a shrimp.
Some kinds have claws in the two front pairs of walking legs.
This shrimp catches its prey with its claws and fights and digs holes to hide itself.
The beetle beats the claws hard and makes the same sound as the gunshots.
The shrimp is surrounded by a firm, stiff crust.
Every time I grow up, I take off my old shell and change into a new one.
This is called a breakaway.  The shrimps escape many times during their lifetime.
Every time I'm finished, I get a new crust.  If you break away, you'll get your lost accessory back, and you'll get bigger as you go through a few breakouts.

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