facts about the forest

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A large area covered with forests is called a forest.All kinds of insects, birds, and animals inhabit the forest, and there are many microbes that can be seen through a microscope.  The types of plants and animals that live in the forest are determined by the climate of the area, and by the toen and water.Living things and their surroundings combine to form a forest ecosystem.Ecosystems consist of the interrelationships between all living things and nonliving things in a given area.  The ecology of the forest is very complex.Forests use sunlight with other green plants to make their own food from carbon dioxide in the air and water and weapons lines in the soil.Animals eat plants. This animal is eaten by other animals.And when plants and animals die, bacteria, protozoa, and fungi decompose.In this process, minerals return to the soil.  Green plants will be used again.Many religions that grow in the forest live for hundreds of years.The soil is fertile by decay after being burned.When an old tree dies, young trees grow up to make a forest.Bamboo grows up to 40 meters long, but it is only a huge grass.Therefore, bamboo cannot be seen in the forest.However, areas where bamboo grows over a large area are often called forests.Large forest areas accounted for about 60 percent of the Earth's land before people reclaimed Samlip and created farmland and cities.Today, however, forests cover only 40 percent of the land.

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