fight fx v 17.1

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fight fx V17.1

As the excitement builds towards the release of another brand-new version of fight fx, I wanted to take a moment to breakdown the structure and rationale behind v17.1.

Our Mobilisation track, “Home is Where the Heart Is”, sets the scene by creating an authentic fight workout atmosphere. We start with a traditional kata and slowly build the basic strikes and kicks to form a nice combination achievable for everyone. This track is about getting the technique right before we move onto faster movement patterns later in the workout.

Track 2, “Funky Radio”, is upbeat and certainly lifts the heart rate through a combination of shuffles and fast jabs in a total-body fight combo. Starting with the basics, movement patterns are built upon through layering to give everyone the opportunity to perfect foot placement and develop awesome technique: it’s a great Kickboxing-inspired track!

“Should I Stay or Should I Go” has a traditional Karate feel, with an extra special agility challenge in the Shoulder Roll. As the instructor, you’ll need to dig deep into your coaching skills toolkit to offer the 2 x Side Step regression. This is a fun track that will have your members smiling.

“Long Time” is our first PHA track with upper and lower body targeted, and it’s an absolute beast. From a Plyometric Plank where you jump from elbows to hands to Plyometric Lunges, your heart rate will be through the roof and everyone will be left with serious “jelly legs”.

We then introduce our first full Capoeira track in “Mesa Verde”. It includes some basic Capoeira moves performed to a beautiful piece of music to create what we think is a great introduction to Capoeira. Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that combines elements of fight, acrobatics, dance and music. It was developed in Brazil mainly by Angolans in the 16th century and in 2014 it was granted special protected status as ‘intangible cultural heritage’ by UNESCO.

Track 6 is “Hello”, our Boxing-inspired Skipping and Speedball track. Boxers will often use a jump rope (skipping rope) as their first exercise when they hit the gym to train. This is usually for around 10-15 minutes prior to their main training session. Our 5 min track hopes to give you an insight into the demand placed on the body when training for Boxing. This form of training will help your conditioning, rhythm, footwork and power, along with challenging your balance, therefore enhancing your ability to hang on in the later rounds of the fight!

There is not a regular sit-up in sight in the Core track, “You Don’t Know Me”. Using the Beast as the start and end position of every move, every single core muscle plays a huge part in keeping the spinal column braced through slow, controlled mat work before moving into high intensity, Propulsion Kick Burpees! Enjoy

“Stella”, another Fight track, starts with a breakdown of the lower body positions including foot placement, strike surface and stance. Basic upper body strikes are then layered in before we give it some speed. This track will keep you thinking on your feet and challenge your agility.

Our final Fight track, “Suga”, has the feel of Taekwondo with kicks, knees, direction changes, tempo changes and fast strikes. There is no room for mistakes in this track; fire up that muscle memory and use visualisation for perfect mastery.

“Moving On Up” brings us to active recovery. Starting the track with the kata from our mobilisation, we move onto our 3D stretches creating a real calm; almost Tai Chi-like feel as we let the moves flow. Relax, rebuild, recover.

Luan shows us the Fitness Test which replaces track 9, “Suga”, in weeks 1, 6, 11 and 16. Speed is the key so ask you group to get in as many reps as they can in the allocated time. Here are Luan’s results.

• 17 x Alt Walking Planks
• 25 x Side Kicks Right
• 25 x Side Kicks Left
• 52 x Alt Prisoner Lunges (OMG)

See if you can do more and let us know.

We hope you enjoy this release as much as we do!

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