Google Changes: How Can You Benefit?

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Almost 28% of all websites where impacted by the recent Google changes also known as Google Slap. But if you give Google what it wants there are great benefits.
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Hi Ilka,

thanks for sharing your insights. I am far from being a SEO expert. What I can see that Google is a moving target. That means, if we try to aim at this moving target, it might have been moved the moment we shoot. Or at least it becomes very stressful, like day trading with stocks.

With that being said, I embrace these changes who provide authentic, genuine and fresh contact – and are engaged throughout the web. We can make less hype about Google and single tricks to game them.

Take care

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Thanks, Oliver, for sharing this! I so appreciate you!

And yes, you are absolutely right as far as Google being a "moving target" (actually, not just Google) as soon as I figure something out things have changed already. Can be frustrating, but what can we as marketers do?

Be blessed,

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Hi Ilka,

I must say I like the idea of Google being more balanced as long as this allows one to lean to one or the other sides more without being penalized.

Some people do prefer to be more SEO oriented and others are almost exclusively social media oriented.

I think they are so different and suit different personality types that I would hate to see Google manipulating us in anyway.

This all said, it's a good idea to weed out all the bot drivel that should not be on the first page of search results if it is not delivering value and usually it doesn't.

Thanks for sharing your insights.

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I totally agree with you, Marcus. We'll see where it goes. So far I think Google is doing a great the same token, Google+ looks very much like Facebook which raises the question, do we really need both? And if we feel we do didn't we just double our workload trying to keep up with friends, and groups and pages and circles and ....???
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Sound advice for staying ahead of the game whatever the 'Google Weather'

Nice work Ilka, and well shared Oliver!
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Hey Ilka,

It's great to see Google making all these changes. To be honest, it's about time!

You're right, the key is to make Google happy and you'll be okay.

Thanks for sharing.

All the best,


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