Google Love - 7 Ways to Get Some and Drive More Blog Traffic

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It goes without a saying that Google is gigantic when it comes to web searching and ranking sites. It's every blogger's and webmaster's dream to dominate the search engines. Why?
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Hi Mavis,

powerful insights about blog SEO. As odd as it seems, it really starts with step 1: How many did check the wrong setting accidentally or because they they were seriously concerned about their privacy and then wonder that they don't get any traffic from search engines.

As you know, I am publishing daily as well at the moment because of the challenge I am in. It's awesome, but I won't be able to maintain it after the challenge. I will go back to three times a week after that. But anyway, awesome experience :-)

In general I would say, it makes sense to post daily or even twice a day when we get started, let's say for 6 weeks to draw the crawler's attention to our blog and then go back to the rhythm we are able to maintain on an eternal basis. What do you think ?

Thanks for sharing your advice.

Take care

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You’re welcome, Oliver. I know, step 1 is crucial.

I agree with you about maintaining the daily posting routine. 3 times is good enough. How I wish I knew what I know now when I got started with blogging!

You’re doing great with the challenge, Oliver. Keep it up!

Have a great day!

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Hi Mavis,

Awesome SEO post my friend! So many golden nuggets, how do I filter out the best?

I think the linking is a huge point and I was one of the really dense beginner marketers who didn’t change my privacy settings for a while, until someone told me about it! LOL

Wish I had your post back then as reference!

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Thank you very much, Heather. I wish I knew what I know now when I started blogging. It’s all good, as I can now help others to achieve incredible results much quicker.

I know, you’d think the privacy settings option would be obvious, but many people miss it for a while.

Glad you found this helpful

All the best,


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