groove fx v 17.1

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groove fx V17.1

groove fx has always been about adding your style to our choreography. The aim in v17.1 is to highlight this which we’ve done by having three groovers in the video. Michael is joined by Lisa Welham and Katy Moore, and you’ll see that they all have very much their own style of dance.

When you watch the video you’ll see each of the team move very differently, even though the choreography is the same. If we were to isolate the presenters and then compare, it would be easy to see that each move looks quite different when performed by each of them. When learning the moves, feel free to add your own style and personality to the moves. If a move doesn’t feel right for you, remember pro-choreography: make it your own.

We start with “Shadows of Love” and a great little arm pattern that’s used later in the workout. Watch the phrasing because the arm pattern happens on counts 1-8 and then again on counts 25-32. We then repeat it, so it may feel a bit odd at first.

“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” is our second track. Once again we have arm patterns that follow the words of the song, which is a bit of a theme in v17.1.

The music style changes to more of a Hip Hop feel in “Boom, Boom, Boom”. Relax the arms, relax the shoulder and “whine” that body.

“Into the Night” feels like a Steps music video. Get your best musical face on and swing those arms all the way ‘round.

Track 5 is a good-old dance-style track, “Good Life”. The challenge here is in the second combo where you always step back on the back leg and then bring the front knee up on the circles. We gradually build the pattern and it may be week 2 before your group masters the pattern. Feel free to leave the arms out until they get the feet.

Then we’re back to Hip Hop in track 6 with “How It Goes”. We take part of the arm pattern we used in the Mobilisation track and add a different style to it. Get a high Jump Back in the third combo.

Bollywood-style is next in “I Want You”. The arms follow the words, so get the group to sing-a-long; it will help them remember. This is a high intensity track, so really get the group to travel.

We keep the intensity up in “Jump”. Even though it’s a slower track, the big movements keep the heart rate up. Practise the Pas de bourree into the Heel Flicks because they form the basis of most of the moves in this track.

Movin’ into the ‘20’s with another great dance track, “Blu”. This is a nice easy track to finish off with and will certainly have your group smiling.

Sounds like Rihanna, but it’s not: “Mr Reggaeton” is our Active Recovery track. A nice, simple routine designed to gradually reduce the heart rate. Remember to remind the group to stretch once they’ve finished.

And that’s groove fx v17.1.

Until next time, have fun, let go and dance!

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