History of Forests

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The first forest developed in the swamp at the end of the year 365 million years ago.This forest consists of stone pine trees and bracken trees.This pub was inhabited by early amphibians and insects.Around 360 million years ago, by the time the coal season began, a large swamp had developed on Earth.  In this warm swamp, huge pomegranates and sequins grew to about 40 meters to form a forest.  The plants did not decay, but were buried in the mud.Over the course of millions of years, it has become a massive deposit of coal.About 245 million years ago, when the Mesozoic Era began, the climate changed dramatically and the surface became dry, leaving the swampy forests gone.In a new, drier environment, the trees, the outer plants, began to grow.In the early days of the new world, about 65 million years ago, temperate forests were formed across Europe, Asia, and North America as the Earth became cooler.Among the large ice caps that appeared about 2.4 million years ago, the first ice age began in Asia, Europe, and North America. European and North American temperate forests were destroyed by glaciers that covered the continent until the end of the last ice age about 10,000 years ago.

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