How do I prevent harmful germs?

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There is always a lot of germs living in human skin and mouth-to-mouth airway.But other tissues are free from germs if they are in a normal condition.Prevent harmful germs from entering the skin, digestive and circulatory systems.When most harmful germs break into the body, white blood cells surround and attack.Blood produces scents that kill or make germs.The toxin is neutralized by antibodies and becomes toxic.Sometimes the body cannot produce toxins quickly.In this case, toxins from animals or other people, such as horse rabbits, are injectedVaccines made from dead or weakened germs can prevent diseases.This vaccine makes antibodies in the body to fight diseases that are caused by the same kind of bacteria.  They make antibiotics in air, soil, and water, which can also kill or weaken pathogenic bacteria.However, using too much antibiotics results in bacteria that are resistant to the drug.People use preservatives to prevent germs from growing in living tissue.Disinfectant removes germs that grow in water, clothes, and appliances.Germs are also killed by heat, so they can be disinfected by heating up food and utensils.

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