How to Deal with Criticism And The Different Types of Critics

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Everyone blogging for more than a month has come across a phenomenon called criticism. Find out the types of critics and how to effectively deal with them!
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Blogging always brings in Criticism which are good and bad but getting over that will make you a successful blogger.
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Absolutely! There is no way to avoid it, but as you said you should get over it, instead of getting it too personal.
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Loved this post by Daniel.

There are lots of critics out there, some constructive, some not so much, but overall healthy criticism can be a good thing. It's helped me on many occasion.

If you can get past the part that offends you and move into the part that helps you, criticism can actually be a blessing in disguise.
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Hey Liz,

Yes, positive criticism can defintiely give a big helping hand. That is actually one of the best ways to improve the service you are offering.


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