How to do a technical interview using Skype real time code editor

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(picture credit: Skype)

Tech interviews are no longer a pain for freelancers and recruiters.

Skype, a microsoft product now, introduces a live code-editor, which can be run along with skype's video call. Best thing is, you dont have to switch between codeeditor and the video.

And the candidate can speak and code at the same time,while the recruiter/interviewer can see the candiate coding live.


There are other tools in the market that offers to see live code. But then you had to switch between code window and the skype video call. Now it's all easy.
Code Editor Features

Supports seven languages – Python, C#, C, C++,Java, JavaScript and Ruby
Code editor is only supported on Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome browsers
Code editor has syntax highlighting.

(Picture credit: Skype/Microsoft website)
How it works?

Recruiter/Interviewer goes to skype's interview website and clicks “Start interview.”
Interviewer gets a unique link
Sends the unique link to candidate
Candidate opens the link to kick off the interview.

Learn more about the Skype code editor here.



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