How to Speed Up WordPress Site 2020

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Ultimate 2020 Guide to Increase WordPress Site Performance Speed Are you interested in the best ways for boosting up your website speed? Here is the Ultimate 2020 guide and tips to boost, optimization, increase and speed up WordPress performance. Prior to everything, you need to know that website speed optimization is a very time-consuming process and some of the methods that have been referred to in this article would require a significant amount of time to implement. If you don’t have the time our knowledge to do it, we can speed up WordPress for you. So it’s right about now that you should probably ask yourself whether it’s worth spending so much time on it. Our expert team has spent years analyzing what metrics benefit the highest rated websites in search engines and have come up with their own checklist that will be used to both speed up WordPress and its ranking. Worth noting that if you’re running a business it is recommended that you take all the necessary steps to optimize your website since it will have a direct impact on your business. The first realistic step you could take to speed up WordPress would be to use the Google Lighthouse tool to better familiarize yourself with the issues affecting your website. The next step would be to compress images to lower the time it takes to load the first colored pixel on your website. A quick estimation would reveal that such a project would take about 3 months to complete on websites that offer a lot of images-based content. Once you’ve taken these initial steps, updated your website and optimized your website’s loading, you will instantly see an increase in your ranking on Google’s search engine. On the other hand, your conversion rate will increase a total of...

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