Increasing Credibility through Customer Testimonials

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There's a right and a wrong way to use customer testimonials. Let's face the facts here. If you are going to buy something on a website online, you are going to read the reviews and testimonials of the product or service and company before you even look at the price. Most people will pay a bit more for a quality product. When it comes to managing your business online, keep the same thing in mind.
Source Them Properly
The biggest mistake you can make is creating a website with fake testimonials. How will anyone know? They just know, just like you know when you visit other websites. If you want prospects to really trust you, be sure the testimonials on your site are authentic, from real customers.
It's the First Product Launch
Often, we hear concerns about this from companies just starting out. "This is my first launch. I don't have testimonials I can use." No, don't make them up. Rather, offer your product or service for free to those who you think will write a testimonial for you. Then,

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