Is There Animal Communication in the Spirit World Between Pets and People?

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A lot of people in the world love animals. I have heard many people say that they love animals more than people. Animal communication has become popular over the last 20 years.  Celebrity psychics like Sonya Fitzpatrick claim that they can speak to pets. Animal communicators believe that a pet is trying to say something to them telepathically.  I once saw an animal communicator on television saying that she felt that a dog was abused by their previous owner. Interestingly, the dog did not look abused or in any kind of pain.  The animal was well taken care of by the new owners and the dog seemed to always be wagging its tail in happiness.  The animal communicator went on to say that the dog had been kicked a lot by the old owner and therefore, had a lot of painful memories that had to be dealt with.The new owners of the dog said that at times, the dog would go from happy to show signs of aggression for no apparent reason. They wanted to know why this was happening.   Shockingly, the pet communicator told them to talk to their dog about their pain as though you were talking to a person.  The pet psychic thought that animals can understand what we are saying to them through our energy. She felt that our energy speaks to a pet’s soul.  Pets can feel our love for them and know when they are loved by another human beings. Most pets will act loving towards you if they know you care about them.The animal communicator felt that the couples dog needed someone to say to them, “I’m sorry about what happened to you in the past with your previous owner.  You never should have been kicked because you are so loving.”  The dog could not understand their words when the couple communicated their love. However, the dog felt their energy. As they were speaking to him, the dog laid down on the carpet and the couple felt that the dog was feeling like their past pains were not forgotten and that someone cared enough to say, “I’m sorry for what happened to you.” Is this real or do you think that animal communication is a bunch of “fluff”?  I can tell you that the animal showed much less aggression after that pet psychic reading.  I personally believe that the dog did accept their new owners loving energy and the pet was able to understand that they could move on from their past. Watch Animals Communicating With Humans I know that when I give a dog a kiss or a hug, they show me love back in return. When I get close to a dog and don’t them for a week, they show me signs of deep love when they see me again. They will often howl and wag their tail in excitement.  They will often jump around and turn in a circle. Animals are wonderful creations. Dogs learn how to scratch on the door when they need to go outside to the bathroom.  They sense danger and even sickness by barking at us.The 21st century is allowing us to see that animals do communicate with humans in more ways that we might acknowledge.  Many programs in the Department of Veterans Affairs show that veterans with PTSD and other ailments respond well when bonding with a pet.  The programs often involve a trained service animal that gives love to a veteran that is having anxiety, depression and anger problems.  In many prisons, animals are often being used to keep prisoners calm. The prisoners often enjoy working with the pets because they are given unconditional love by the animal.  We are learning that pets often help people have stronger sanity, happiness and love in their daily lives.Psychic Predictions for the Future of Animal Communication1- I believe that the 21st century is going to come to see that animals can help humans to remain calm and loved.  I predict that computer programs will be built to allow humans to see what is going on in the brains of their pets as they are hugging them or away from them when they are alone. We live in a world where its fast paced, but animals are going to teach us to keep things moving slow so that we don’t lose sight of love and that contact, and touch are more important than technology. 2- Pets will teach us that they can understand what we are saying through spirituality and energy.   When we speak, they understand us differently than we understand one another through verbal communication. I believe that we will discover that animals know when we are sad and happy without us having to show them any expression.  We will come to learn that animals are 20 times are more “psychic” than humans are. I see this as being a massive breakthrough in the discovery of the psychic gift.3- Dogs will show us that they have more love to give than people do. We will begin to see dogs and cats as spiritual beings rather than our pets. I predict that the world will come to see that their pets can read a human’s bad karma and good karma as well. We are living in a time when people are becoming more physically aware of their surroundings. People are beginning to see that we may not be just bodies with nothing after death. I believe that people will come to see that we are a complete mind, body and soul.If you are curious about getting a pet psychic reading, you should go to Google and type in the keyword phase “animal communicator near me”.  You will see that millions of cat communicators pop up all over the world.Cat CommunicationCats often communicate with us through action.  When we are opening a can of their favorite cat food, they will often rub their head against our leg or purr.  My cat used to hop up on my bed when I was going to sleep and look at me. This was his way of saying that he wanted to get under the covers with me at night to keep warm.  In my 20’s, I didn’t have enough money to afford heat and therefore, I often had to sleep in a sleeping bag to keep me warm. My cat loved getting to the bottom of the sleeping bag and kept warm there. If you watch Celebrity Cat Whisperer Jackson Galaxy, you will see that he knows how to handle with cats very well. His show, “My Cat from Hell” teaches us that cats are often communicating to us when we least expect. Animals have great intuition and often know what is happening around us even though we don’t give them enough credit for knowing.Cats also communicate with us through the position of their tail. When your cat is angry or afraid, their tail will often be erect. You may notice that when your cats’ tail is whipping, it is mad about something.  An erect tail with fur standing up can often mean that your cat is happy about something.Cats also communicate through their eyes and it’s the cutest thing that they do.  They will often blink their eyes at us to show how much they believe in us.  Cats often do this to show that they accept us.  They even blink their eyes to other cats in order to show that they trust in them to be in their presence.A famous Halloween pose for a cat is the black cat posing with its back erect. This represents fear.     Animals Give Unconditional Love. What is Your Cat Trying to Tell You? Animal IntuitionAnimals are highly intuitive creatures. If you watched Lorrie the Pet Psychic on Oprah, you will see that she has more of a “psychic” way of communicating with pets.  She is a medium for pets. If you watch her working with animals, you will see that the animal’s intuition is picking up that she cares about them and is there to help bring light into their situation. Other great animal communicators are Val Heart and Ursula Rabe.  Animals communicators often understand their psychic gift from an early age. They often sense that they can speak to animals in a way that most human beings can’t. Perhaps its because they have spent a lot of time working with animals and now see animal communication as being a top priority.  When you watch a celebrity pet psychic with an animal, you come to see that they are reaching the deepest parts of the pet’s life.  Not everyone is able to do this. I believe that animal communication is a special gift.Communicating with Deceased PetsIf you visit a place like Lily Dale Assemblies in Lily Dale, NY, you will come to see that communicating with your dead pet may be possible.  Pets psychics believe that you can communicate with deceased pets through spiritual communication.  If you believe that all things have a soul, then pet communication is possible.  Pets often want us to see that they have a voice even though they can’t speak.It is often believing that we can communicate with the deceased through a séance. Often, a pet is called up to speak to the living through a mediumship session. The medium will often call the cat by name and tell the deceased pet to do something.  It may ask the pet to make a noise to let the living know that it is doing okay.Another creative and technical way to communicate with a deceased pet is by setting up a digital tape recorder.  Ghost hunters have found that by using a digital tape recorder, you can often record the sounds of pets and people talking. You can’t hear these voices or sounds with your own ears at first. However, when the digital tape recorder picks them up, we can identify if we believe that its our cat that is talking with us. Your Dogs Behavior Changes Around Certain PeopleHave you ever noticed that your dog’s behavior changes around certain people?  You may be wondering why your dog does that.  It’s because animals know when they are loved or disliked by someone. Dogs tend to cuddle up next to people that they feel want them around. When someone hugs or kisses your dog, your pet knows that it wanted. 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