Joomla to WordPress migration

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While speaking about Joomla to WordPress migration, there’s no time to dare and endure. It’s about time to plan the tactics that will simplify and speed up your site migration. Thus, the well-thought scenario is the urgent necessity. You shouldn’t set up your website conversion as soon as the idea of switching to WordPress comes to your mind. Let’s make this endeavor in fine fashion – preserving your website content, SEO and modules data together with the fast transfer. Technically, Joomla to WordPress migration may be relatively separated into 3 parts: preparation, migration itself, new site polishing.   Coming closer to the root of this post, let’s enter the migration process with confidence and failsafe plan. Get Prepared 1. Joomla Finishing Straight Originally, before migrating your website from Joomla to WordPress , you should make some preparatory steps to run your site conversion smoothly and flawlessly. Analyze your current site data - If you run the site for some considerable time, eventually, there are some outdated content (irrelevant information, old unimportant news, historic promo pages, etc). In this case, you may absolutely delete such type of content. Undoubtedly, this procedure will simplify and speed up your Joomla migration. Make a Backup - Save your website data on the hard drive, flash drive or DVD in order to exclude all the risks of data losses. Otherwise, you may use the backup option of your hosting provider. 2. WordPress Introduction Slipping to the next step of your website migration, you may install your new WordPress CMS and know it inside out. Moreover, it’s recommended to proceed with the following actions: SEO URLs Setup - First, enable the SEO URLs structure. Go to your WP admin panel-> Settings->Permalinks->Custom Structure. Instal WP Plugins –  Also, you may make a test drive of some plugins at your new WordPress website. Traditionally, it’s recommended to activate plugins for better SEO visualization, media, social bookmarks, forum, or any others. Think about the tools that may substitute your Joomla extensions, some counterparts, for instance, WordPress SEO by Yoast may be a great shift of sh404SEF plugin, bbPress forum may interchange your Kunena forum extension. Automated Joomla to WordPress Migration Itself As the alternative of copy/pasting or hiring a programmer, you may give a try to a fully automated way of Joomla to WordPress migration with CMS 2 CMS . This CMS and forum migration service holds itself out as the only solution for your fast and accurate site migration. But, is it possible to handle website migration in a fully automated manner? Let’s take a look closer. In the plain words, migration is done via so-called connection bridge between Joomla and WordPress, that has a special lens of code for automated transfer. So, the procedure includes the following actions: 3. Specify Joomla and WordPress URLs Note. If you don’t have your new WP site live yet, you may try the migration anyway. There’s an option to transfer your website to the test site (100 pages of your site will be moved to WP) and take a look at its backend and frontend and decide on further actions. 4. Connection Between Websites Now, you should establish the connection [...]The post Joomla to WordPress migration appeared first on OddBlogger.

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