kneel in Silla

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In 532, Geumgwan Gaya, the former head of the Gaya Confederacy, was destroyed as the nations of Gaya collapsed one by one in the face of Silla's attackThe last king of Gaya, King Xue, surrendered to Silla with the queen and Prince Se.He couldn't resist the constant attack and pressure of Silla, and he surrendered to himself.  When the situation turned this way, the countries in the south of Gaya rebelled against Gaya, the incompetent leader.Ana-guk in the Haman area was in the center of it.From the beginning of the Gaya Confederacy, Anra-guk was the second most powerful country after Geumgwan Gaya  In the Gaya Confederacy, Gaya showed off its power.Anraguk called for Japan's help across the sea to escape the attack of Baekje and Silla.However, Japan did not have the ability to help Gaya, which was attacked by both Baekje and Silla.  There was no power to control the conflict between Baekje and Silla Gaya.Finally, despite the diplomatic efforts of the Republic of Korea, the southern part of Gaya fell from the hands of the Silla kingdom of Baekje.Against this backdrop, the northern part of Gaya was once again leaning toward Baekje.In addition to the increased military power, it was advantageous to submit to Baekje as before in order to obtain the necessary Chinese goods.Moreover, after the marriage alliance between Gaya and Silla was broken in 529, the animosity against Silla grew   In 554 there was a big fight between Baekje and Silla.Now, soldiers of Gaya participated in the fight in Okcheon, Chungcheongbuk-do to help Baekje  However, Baekje was greatly defeated by Silla in this spirit.Silla, which defeated the flag of Baekje, had to take the lead in punishing the people everywhere.  In 562, under the leadership of the General's board and the gallery's ladder, 5,000 Silla soldiers raided Gaya across the Nakdong RiverThe Gaya army fell helplessly without much resistance.The Gaya Confederacy, which once occupied a large territory by competing with the Baekje Kingdom of Silla, disappeared from history in such a vain way.

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