Lead Conversion Tips - You Have Generated Leads, What Happens Next?

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Much is being said about lead generation as the life-blood of your business. Is it really? Here's the most critical component of your network marketing business.
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You hit the nail on the head Mavis. Lead generation is nothing without conversions. I've seen it go both ways, people who are great at converting their leads but don't know how to get more leads, and people who can pull leads out of thin air but struggle to make a penny. You've given some really great tips for anyone looking to increase their conversions. Lots of options!
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Thanks very much, Rachael. You’re right about the inability to master both skills for some marketers.

I appreciate your visit on my blog and comment.


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you've got all the methods there Mavis, and what can make it super professional is that really personal touch you have which makes us all feel special and that you want to help us, fantastic :)


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