lose one's strength when one goes.

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Around 500 years ago, Baekje overcame the aftereffects of being ousted by Goguryeo soldiers and descended to Gongju, South Chungcheong Province, and regained political stability  The Silla kingdom was established by reorganizing the system around the king and creating laws and regulations Then Silla and Baekje both went to look over the land.King Muryeong of Baekje attacked Gaya first and took back the area of Imsil and Namwon which were formerly taken from GayaAnd in order to conquer Gaya, I started pressing Gaya in earnest.Many soldiers were sent to take away the eastern part of Jeollanam-do and took it across the Seongjin River to Hadong Hadong was an important place for trading with other countries.As Gaya was deep in the interior, it was not as active as Geumgwan Gaya before, but it continued to trade with other countries around Hadong regionHowever, when Baekje took Hadong, Gaya's trade route was completely cut off.The head of Gaya's brain was in its inferno.  Because I almost lost my country to Baekje.King Yi Neu asked Japan to send reinforcements to paint Baekje across the sea.However, Japan was already on the side of Baekje.Gaya had to find another way. King Yi brain proposed to King Beopheung of Silla to form a marriage alliance.I planned to join forces with Silla to keep Baekje in check.King Beopheung accepted this and formed an alliance between Silla and Gaya.In 522, King Yi Neu received a woman from the Silla royal family as a queen and gave birth to the Crown Prince Wolkwang the following year.But the purpose of King Beopheung was to destroy Gaya and have all the kingdoms of Gaya.  Silla studied the internal affairs of the Gaya Confederacy countries.I pressed Silla to surrender.  Finally, in 529, Silla attacked Gaya.This broke the marriage alliance between Gaya and Silla.The countries of Gaya surrendered to Silla one by one, starting with Takitan County, which was closest to Silla.   The Gaya Confederacy, led by Gaya, was defeated by the attack of Baekje on the east and west of Silla

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