MEC Frontend Event Submission & User Dashboard Addon

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Ticket & Invoice Addon: Sell Events In this article we are going to explain how you can benefit from Frontend event submission feature and User Dashboard addon in Modern Events Calendar. Creating, publishing, and managing an event can be a very frustrating task, and you will have your work cut out for you to achieve the desired results. The efficient management of an event on your website likewise requires appropriate tools to track your attendees correctly and have exact information about those who have registered. The situation can turn into a whole new ball game if you host participants from different countries with various time zones, currencies, and languages. Modern Events Calendar is the best WordPress event calendar that can simplify the event management experience for you to a great extent. It comes with a handful of excellent features designed for the whole range of event management capabilities. If you wanna get familiar with other addons available for Modern Events Calendar you should check this out: 17+ Modern Events Calendar Addons review 2020 While the free version can cover most of the average users’ needs, upgrading to the Pro version unlocks more specific features, each designed elaborately for a particular purpose. Frontend submission and user dashboard addon are among these useful features that help you accept events online and even earn money by selling tickets for the organizers. Read on to get more detailed information about the vast capabilities of the MEC WordPress event calendar and the way it can benefit you with your online events. What is the Frontend Event Submission? The Front-end Event Submission feature is a means of reducing activities that must be done on the admin area. This way, you can let guest users submit an event easily without having to sign up on your website. It...
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