On New House Syndrome

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It is a term that leads to a sense of health problems and misgivings felt by residents due to harmful chemicals from building materials and furniture products in their homes.The more new houses are built, the more toxic asbestos formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds, etc. are found in the building's building structure.These act as environmental hormones, which stimulate the throat of the nose, cough, headache, vomiting, itching, atomyelitis, and insomnia with chronic blood.These symptoms are more common in newborns and children, and exposure over a long period of time can causeIn the 1980s, Korea became a major social problem since the late 1990s.In 2004, the Act was enacted in Korea to measure indoor air quality of multi-use facilities, apartments, and apartment buildings and to require the results to be announced before moving in and to be kept up to the standard with air purification and ventilation facilitiesStarting in 2006, finishing materials that emit more than a certain amount of formaldehyde volatile organic compounds to build apartments were not allowed

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