On the Shrimp Industry

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Barley, shrimp, hatching, shrimp, chicken shrimp play an important role in the water industry.  Shrimp fishing uses a sack-shaped net called a troll.To pull a trawler through the ocean or estuary floor by boat.The shrimp is easily damaged, so the caught shrimp is quickly frozen or sealed in a tin to store.  About one-third of the world's shrimp are caught in Asia.China is the largest producer of shrimp.The U.S., Thailand, Indonesia and others followed suit.  The shrimp feed.The chicken shrimp and the shrimp caught in the south coast of Korea are very large and tasty.  For this reason, it is often used as a source of various dishes.The shrimp is boiled and dried and eaten, and the shrimp is made into milk.

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