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pump fx V17.1

In v16.3 we introduced pre-exhaustion where we work an assisting muscle group first to fatigue it before we target the major muscle group. The aim is to overload the major muscle group more than we would normally. We use this methodology again in v17.1 however rather than doing pre-exhaustion in a single track, we do it over multiple tracks. In this release we perform the Triceps track before the Pectorals track. The result is our pectorals have to work harder as the triceps have already been exhausted. We then fatigue the biceps in our Biceps track before we go into our Back track with the aim of focusing more on the Latissimus Dorsi.

We’re also very pleased to announce that pump fx and blast fx now have separate sound tracks. pump fx v17.1 now has a unique playlist which allows you to keep the music even fresher.

Mark starts of off with mobilisation and “Hungover By a Dream”. While the aim is to increase the body temperature and mobility of the joints, we also want to introduce the rhythm of the Lunges which we use later in the workout as well. It’s a challenging rhythm, so practising in the Mobilisation track will increase everyone’s chance of success later in the workout.

We move straight into the Triceps track and want to give them a great workout before track 3, Pectorals. “U Move U Rock Me” includes the Reverse Grip Press-up which forces the elbows to stay close to the body, thus focusing in on the triceps. This is followed by Tricep Kickbacks and Tricep Extensions to ensure that we hit the triceps from every angle.

With the triceps now fatigued, it’s time to hit pectorals in “Home”. As we do fewer Bench Presses this release than we do in a regular Pectorals track, encourage your group to load the bar up as much as they can. Using the heaviest weight they have ever used in a Pectorals track is going to give the best results. We combine the Bench Press, done in Bridge to engage the core, with Asymmetric Press-ups which allows us to target the pecs at different angles. The more angles of pull, the more coverage of the muscle group we get.

Moving onto our Deltoid track with the coolest song in the list, “Down Like the River”. We continue on with an asymmetric movement pattern and introduce the Handbag Row (or Man-bag Row if you prefer). This targets the lateral head of deltoid first and allows freer movement through the shoulder than a traditional Upright Row. We then focus on anterior and lateral heads with a Shoulder Press and finish of by targeting the anterior head of deltoids in the Reverse Grip Front Raise. Ask your group to do as many Front Raises as possible; however, throwing in the occasional Bicep Curl when/if needed gives just that little bit of rest which may be required. Only two rounds in this one, so try to keep it moving.

Bicep tracks almost always include the same old exercise, the Barbell Bicep Curl. In this release we wanted to vary that so we included Plate Curls in a seated position. Sitting down allows us to do Concentration Curls which, if you’re a regular weights lifter, are similar to a Preacher Curl. We can focus right in the biceps with this exercise. Finishing off with Speed Curls ensures the biceps are worked just as hard, if not harder than a barbell-based track.

Having fatigued the biceps, the lats are ready to be worked in “Keep Pushin’ On”. The entire posterior chain is targeted in this track and it’s also the track that pushes the intensity up the most. Starting with Dead Lifts, we move into the High Pull. This is a dynamic exercise that requires explosive power. As the biceps are tired, the hamstrings, glutes, lats and posterior delts all must work harder to get the lift needed. We finish with the Dead Row to Clean to keep the heart rate up and hopefully hit that anaerobic training zone.

With the heart rate already high, we want to keep the intensity up and begin the leg blitz; Squats followed by Lunges. “We Are We Are” starts with slow 4/4 Squats and gradually builds in intensity and power and finishes with the Box Jump Squats. This is an advanced exercise and is best taught first as a Squat, and then a Squat Jump and finally the Box Jump. Some participants may feel more comfortable sticking with the regressions, which is perfectly fine. Encourage the power in the lift part of the Squat though to ensure they are working the explosive power of the muscles rather than just endurance as they normally would.

The quads will be tired but there’s no just yet. “Queen of the Disco” continues the leg blitz on quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes. The rhythm of the Lunge was taught in the Mobilisation track, but we travel it this time over the top of the step. This requires greater control and therefore more muscle recruitment and in turn, we burn more energy. Changing the plane of movement in the Lunges works the body in a slightly different way than we have in previous releases as well. Great track – we love it!

The structure of this release has been quite different to previous ones and due to the amount of core stability required in “Queen of the Disco”, we wanted to leave the Core track till the end. In “Le Temps Passe” we introduce Windscreen Wipers on the step. The height of the step allows us to position the body in such a way that we maximise the range of movement, thus working the abdominal muscles through the greatest range possible. We finish the cycle off with a Plank Role which requires full contraction of all core muscles.

Feeling exhausted, we stay seated on the step for the Active Recovery track, “Runnaways”. As we varied the angles of movement in the workout, we continue to vary them in the stretches. The pattern is simple with a few slight variations each cycle in order to target all of the muscles worked.

We replace the choreography of track 6, “Keep Pushin’ On” for the fitness test in weeks 1, 6, 11 and 16 in this release. There are three exercises which your members will perform as fast as they can with the aim of doing more repetitions each time they do the test. Mark managed to do:

• 20 x Single Row to High Pull
• 41 x Reverse Grip Push-ups (WOW)
• 21 x Box Jump Squats

See how your members go and let us know if they beat Mark’s score!

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