Roman glass from Silla

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                                                                          Roman glassRoman glassware was found in Silla's tomb, which is believed to have been made in the 300s and 300s.  These glass vessels were not found in Goguryeo or Baekje areas.Silla, Goguryeo and Baekje like early exchanges with other countries because?Silla was the last of the three kingdoms to establish its foundation.So, it was not until 377 and 391 that the first envoys were sent to Jinju, China.After that, he sent an envoy to the Liang Dynasty of China in 521 years later.However, Silla was not able to send envoys to Goguryeo or Baekje and became known to Silla   But how did Silla people get Roman glass?During the reign of Silla, there was a situation where the Goguryeo army helped drive out Japan, which invaded across the seaWith this incident, Silla began to be meddled with Goguryeo.The exchange with Goguryeo has also increased.So, I had a chance to go to Goguryeo or go through Goguryeo to China, enter Western countries, and get access to Roman goods.The glass was made in Rome and was imported at this time.At that time, the people of Silla knew how to make glass.But the glass bowl from Rome was much more colorful and exotic, so it was considered a valuable item.     So the royal family and nobles thought it was a great pride to have Roman glass and put it in their tombs.

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