So, You Want to Guest Post on My Blog? Forget It!

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Who doesn't love guest blogging? Who wouldn't want to have guest authors posting articles on their blog regularly? Well, that person happens to be me. Here's why.
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you are very correct at rejecting them all. Like you as you are after quality!
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Interesting Post. Quality is important than anything. I always make sure I'm publishing high quality guest posts on my blog.

Thanks for sharing this quality article here. Keep up the good work Sarah.
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Hi Devesh, good for you. It's sad to see lousy guest posts ruining a potentially good blog. Thanks for your comment!
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Just left a comment on you blog, trying to log in to intense debate, but every time I click submit, it say my session is over... anyway nice content.
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Thanks! I don't know why IntenseDebate isn't working... I've noticed that if I take too long to write my comment I get the same message.
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Sometimes it might be difficult to reject a guest post especially from others bloggers who put effort to write their guest post but low quality posts it's not a option and a blog should accept only well written and informative posts...
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Cool post Sarah.

Tend to agree, although I think that relaxing the inner 'control freak' is sometimes the way (I don't mean for you and your blog!)

I guess it all comes to finding the right people to contribute, and having a clear understanding of what's expected from both sides...

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