Spirit Guides Give Us Enlightenment and Offer Spiritual Guidance and Protection

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When I was a child of only 13 years of age, I used to read in the Holy Bible that we had angels around us that protect our physical well-being.  It wasn’t until I turned 25 that I learned about the power behind spirit guides and how they are wanting to make a connection with us. In my youth, I was visited by 3 psychics that told me that a spirit guide was trying to get my attention.  These psychics would often tell me that the spirit guide had a similar life as mine and lived during the 1700’s.  His mission was to help guide me in my life. His name was Saint Gerard Majella.  He was born in the 1700’s.  As I looked him up in a Catholic book of Saints, I realized that my life was almost parallel to his.  I felt like I was reading my life story through his.  It almost felt like I was his reincarnation. The 3 psychics told me to light a candle for Saint Gerard every day.  They told me that as I did this, he would be able to materialize his energy through the fire in the candle and give signs that he was in my presence. After around 5 days of lighting the candle for him, miracles began to happen.  I began to meet people that had the same birthday as he did.  This kept on happening repeatedly.  I also started to have people come over to my apartment and tell me that a young man was in my backyard looking into my window. They said he looked around 27.  Every time that I looked outside, I saw nobody.  Apparently, Saint Gerard was making visitations without me knowing it.  He was trying to make it clear that he was wanting to bond together with me and was showing me small signs of his presence.Over the next several months, I began to gain help from Saint Gerard. Every time that I felt like I was in deep pain and sorrow, I would light the candle to Gerard, and he would come and comfort me. I would feel peace in my soul and my days would often become better. Today, I see Saint Gerard as my spirit guide.  I feel his love, protection and kindness to me regularly.  Spirit guides don’t have to be human and they don’t have to be Catholic.When a spirit guide wants to get your attention, you will often feel them calling out to you. Either someone will tell you that the spirit wants to speak to you, or you will sense their presence around you.  At times, it will be hard to detect a spiritual guide. They don’t always come out the way that we would like them to. If you feel a spirit or entity around you, try lighting a white candle for around and hour a day.  Tell them out loud that you are lighting t for them. It’s important to say what is on your mind to them.  Your Spirit Guides May Be Trying to Communicate With You Right Now Spiritual EnlightenmentWe can all use a bit of spiritual enlightenment every now and then.  When we feel spiritually enlightened, our minds begin to tune into another part of ourselves that is searching for truth.  You can easily learn more about the spiritual world by asking yourself what is going to be in store for your future.  You can easily learn more about the spiritual world through prayer and meditation. Prayer and meditation often take us into a more peaceful realm.  It’s important to read books on your faith on a regular basis.  This will help you to see that you can open many doors for yourself and learn what is good and not so good from a spiritual perspective. One man that comes to mind that gives spiritual enlightenment is the Dalai Lama.  His books have touched millions of people from around the world. Buddhism helps you to look within to figure out your problems.  As you begin to meditate, you will want to seek out complete peace. As you gain an understanding into mind, body and soul, you begin to see why you can be balanced. Balance takes effort on our part because we literally must learn more about our inner spirit.  Our mind, body and soul begin to take over when we feel like all else may have failed us.In the theosophical doctrine, spirit guides can be any entity.  Spirit guides are usually entities that feel a need to still help mankind in some way, shape or form.  It is hard to say why one spirit guides chooses to go to one person and not another.  Often, the spirit guide sees something in you that they often see in themselves. Sometimes we need someone to love us or to simply help us to understand our own spiritual life path. The late psychic Sylvia Browne said that she had a spirit guide by the name of Francine.  She claimed to have received messages from her and she was able to give psychic readings with her.  The Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo says that she has a spirit guide that she calls spirit.  She has been able to sense this spirit since the age of 4. Spirit guides often come from multiple lifetimes.  They have seen many humans live and die.  Spirit Guides Give You Direction in Love. Light a White Candle to Attract Your Spirit Guide Into Your Life. Spirit guides often feel that they want to be bonded with people that are more flexible.  They often want to show us that they can guide us along the way.  Always ask your spirit guide for a sign to let you know that its them speaking to you.  Some good signs are to ask them to ring a bell or to make someone call you that you haven’t heard from in a long time. Tell them to please have the person call you on a certain day.Keep a journal of your connection with your spirit guide. Every time that you have an interaction with one of your spirit guides, write it down. Our brain has the tendency to forget things and journals help us to remember what is happening inside of our lives. You should have a shrine dedicated to your spirit guide.  Take a candle and light it daily and put a picture of yourself beside it.  If you have a picture of your spirit guide, put it there as well. You will find that spirit guides tend to speak to us when we least expect and in one words or short sentences.  Many people use automatic handwriting to allow their spirit guide to speak through them. Automatic handwriting works to connect with a spirit guide that is trying to get your attention.  It is important for you to look at your spirit guide with an open heart.  Allow your spirit guide to see that you are willing to allow them to speak through you. Spirit guides seem to want to gain our attention because they tend to know what we are looking at on our life journey. We often have an inner voice inside of us that communicates what will happen with us along the way. A spirit guide can often confirm that inner voice and show us that we may not know everything that is happening to us all the time. However, when we have a spirit guide that speaks to us, something unique begins to happen.  We begin to take on new challenges.  We often find it hard to accept our spirit guide if we don’t know much about the spiritual ride. It’s important to let yourself see that you have a new beginning inside of you that is waiting to come out. Don’t worry if you do not understand what your spirit guide is saying to you right away.  Learn how to work with your spirit guide as they come to you and show you their ways.  Sometimes we may think that an idea is coming from us and, its coming from a spirit guide that has been with us for a long time. I often find that spirit guides don’t want to scare you.  They often want to communicate to us what they are feeling.  We will often pick up on their spiritual energy and therefore show us what a new beginning is going to be all about. The energy within someone must change for the better. Life often has a way of teaching us new things. We often try to figure out what is going to happen with ourselves as life moves on. We all must learn about new beginnings that tend to happen for us as time moves on. We need to look at our lives and see that a spirit guide is going to help us along the way. Hopefully you have seen some ways to contacting your spirit guide.  As you can see, it does take some effort on your part to make it come together at the right moment.  Remember, your spirit guide is going to help you to make the right choices in your life. What Do You Know About Your Spirit Guide? 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