the importance of forests

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Forests have long been a very important resource for people.The prehistoric people got most of their food from hunting and yashang plants.I lived as part of nature in the forest.  As civilization developed, they lived in villages and cities, but they still got wood in the forest and hunted.Today, forests are valuable to people as economic value, environmental value, and rest areas.  A forest can get many products.  We make wood plywood railway sawdust out of wood and many products like furniture tool handles.Also, trees are still used as the main fuel for many parts of the world.Trees are converted into many kinds of products through various manufacturing processes.  Paper is one of the most valuable products made of wood.Forests protect and enrich the environment.For example, forest soil sucks in large amounts of rain water, preventing ground erosion and flooding.  Rainwater filtered through the soil becomes groundwater and becomes clear and fresh water from downtown and lake wells.Like all green plants, forests keep the air of plants fresh.Forests emit oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide during photosynthesis.Almost all living things, including people, need oxygen.If the green formula does not continue to produce oxygen, almost all living things will die.  And if carbon dioxide builds up in the air, it can cause drastic climate change on Earth.  Forests also become home to many plants and animals that cannot live elsewhere, and many kinds of wildlife cannot live without forests.The beauty and peace of nature that can be seen in the forest give people special joy.In many countries, large forest areas are preserved for people to enjoy, allowing them to do various activities such as camping, hiking, and hunting.  The quiet and beautiful forest is also used as a resort for enjoying the scenery and relaxing.

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