The Laws of the Universe That Govern Your Life No Matter What

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There are certain laws that work well in the universe, whether we like it or not.  For instance, “What does up, must always come down.”  Also, “What goes around, comes around.”  I am sure that you have heard of other laws that work every single time.Law of Vibration – In the universe, everything moves in a circular fashion. Everything about human emotion has its own vibration to it. This includes anger, fear, sadness, pain, love, etc. Law of Gender – Everything in the universe must get along in order to have harmony. Male and female genders must work together in order to pro-create or to have harmony.Law of Attraction – We attract something into our lives that we want. Our energy sends out a vibration that says that we want something to come into our life.Law of Action – We must do something in order to make something happen. Someone or something must do work for something to progress.Law of Relativity – Someone in the world has it worse than you do.The Principle of Polarity – Everything is the same and opposite.The Principle of Rhythm – Everything in life comes and goes.The Principle of Causality – Everything happens according to the laws of the universe.Law of AttractionWe attract what our mind dwells on. If you dwell in negativity, you will get negativity. If you dwell on positive thoughts, positive outcomes will happen.  Norman Vincent Peale was a man that once thought negative all the time. However, he finally realized that when he trained his mind to only think positive thoughts, positive thoughts would always happen for him. He wrote a book entitled, “The Power of Positive Thinking”.  A great movie about the law of attraction is, The Secret. The law of attraction teaches us that our thoughts will eventually become something. What we think about, will happen at some point in our lives. We have the power to change our thoughts.  In order to change a negative thought, write down something that cold be a positive outcome. Example:You fear that you are going to fail your math test.You can change the outcome by studying more and believing that you will pass.  Block out the negative thoughts.Our brain is powerful.  Many scientists believe that human beings have more mental power than they use daily.  It is estimated that human beings only use around 15% of their total brain power daily.The law of attraction does seem to work for most people.  The reason is because we have control over our thoughts a lot more than what we may realize.  It is amazing how someone can think that they will always be poor because the history of their life has always shown poverty. However, in one day their luck changes by winning the lottery. Suddenly, their brain starts to think again about what they want to do with their wealth and that anything is possible. There is a magnetic power that governs the universe.  It is like a magnet.  We bring to ourselves what we think about and want. Law of Attraction LoveLove is the #1 question asked to a psychic reader. Many men and women in the 21st century often wonder when they are gong to find love.  However, one must not allow negative thoughts of being alone forever to take over their mind.  When this kind of negative thought comes into your mind, its important to say, “I will find someone to love me.”  Never entertain a negative thought.  Negativity only brings on more negativity to your life. Power of Attraction:What are your dreams?  Is there something that you have been wanting for a long time now and can’t achieve it? You can have the power to change that and get what you really want and need.  It’s important to look at your power and know that you will get what you put your heart into. Come up with a plan on how you are going to get what you have been desiring and trust that the universe will give this to you.  Many times, the universe will bring someone into your life that will give you what you want. Sometimes it only takes a mentor to teach you how to get what you want.  Imagine that your dream was to own your own autobody shop.  You have no idea how you are going to get there. However, you begin to think positively about someone coming into your life to show you the way.  Suddenly, the universe introduces you to an autobody shop owner and you begin to work for Them. They begin to teach you all about he autobody shop and then shockingly they offer you an opportunity to have a store franchise of your own.  They license a store out to you and then you begin building your dream. That is often how the power of attraction works. Law of Attraction MoneyMoney doesn’t fall from the sky.  However, ask the universe to give you money.  Next, think of a way that you can get money.  Work is the most common way for someone to get money.  Think of ways in which you can make money. Ask the universe to open doors for you to make more on the skills that you have.  If you have a good job skill, you only need the opportunity to make yourself money. People often don’t realize that they must work hard to get wealth.  It takes brain power on knowing how to save and invest properly. This has a lot to do with educating yourself about money.  Billionaires like Warren buffet are no different than you are I.  We all have a brain like Warren Buffets.  However, he educates himself on how to invest his money to make more money. We all can do this, but how come we don’t?  What spiritual laws are working with Warren Buffet that may not be at work with you right now. Hint:You may not be educated enough to attract money into your life.  Good skill = power to earn lots of money.  Law of Attraction MeditationYou don’t have to be a Buddhist monk to do meditation.  Everyone should meditate every single day for at least 15 minutes to allow your body, mind and soul to relax.  It’s necessary to keep yourself calm and constantly asking the universe to give you what you need. Your energy needs to bring other energies into your life that want the same things as you do.  It is amazing that after a meditation session, you will often feel relaxed, happy and like you are a new person.  Meditation also relaxes your 7 chakras.Is the Law of Attraction Real?According to Quantum Physics, the law of attraction is real. It is a lot like electricity. We can’t physically see electricity, but we know that it works. We also know that when we eat food, we feel full. Even though we don’t know exactly why we feel full, we just know that it takes away the feeling of hunger for awhile until we need food again.  When we get tired, we need to rest to restore our energy.  We can’t see our tired energy, but we know that its there when we get sleepy.  Even love brings on more love and hate bring on more hate.  When something begins, it tends to spiral. Have you ever done something wrong to someone or have had something wrong done to you?  You may have said, “Karm is going to get me or them.”  We all seem to know that we will get bad or good karma based on the actions that we take. Can we prove it?  Not really.  However, we all know that its real.Law of Attraction TipsNever think that you can’t achieve something. Always believe that the universe will give it to you.Never say never.You get what you put out there into the universe.Work hard to get what you want.Don’t worry about how you will get what you want. Just believe that it will come to you.Your brain has great power. Educate yourself to have more opportunity in life. Your mind tends to dwell more on negative things that have been done to you or that you have done to other people. Make sure that you replace these thoughts with positive thoughts.Life gives us an opportunity for growth.Listen to life coaches that talk positively about the law of attraction.You can never get enough pats on the back during the day.Keep a journal of what you receive from your positive thoughts.Our thoughts become more powerful as we think.Life is what you make it.We don’t know as much as we think we do.Reality is what we want it to be.Happiness is getting what you want in life. 28 Questions Answered About Psychics and Clairvoyantsby The Horoscope Expert | Jul 16, 2019 | Psychic#1 What is a Clairvoyant? A clairvoyant is someone that can see into the future using their sixth sense. The sixth sense is a spiritual belief that there is a third eye located in the center of your forehead.  Clairvoyants don’t need to use any spiritual tools such as... 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